Product People Club

A private community for folks who want to earn an independent living from the things they create.

Want to earn an independent living from your own products? It's hard work. At some point, all of us solopreneurs struggle with the following:

  1. Keeping your motivation up & feeling isolated
  2. Building something people want
  3. Growing and scaling your business

Product People Club (formerly JFDI) is a group of people that came together because we realized that in order to build something we need to quit thinking about it, and actually do it. We realized we can't do this in isolation. We need help from other product people.

It has two main features:

Private forums, where we ask questions, get answers, and share progress:

Ask questions on our private forums

A private Slack, that serves as our virtual watercooler:

Slack is our watercooler

It's working: I'm extremely proud of what members have accomplished. Our alumni list includes Ryan Hoover (who started Product Hunt), William Channer (who started Panda), Espree Dvora (who started LA Tech), and Robert Williams (who credits PPC as the birthplace of Workshop):

"Having people you can ask questions to is extremely valuable. Product People Club was literally the birthplace for my service, Workshop. They helped me start it a year ago and continue to help me improve it today."

Pay once for lifetime access.

Other membership sites range from $39 / month to $390 / year.

With Product People Club, you pay once and get lifetime access to the forums and Slack.* We've been around since 2013.

We're not curently accepting new members

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Share your progress and get feedback:

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Use the mobile site:

Track revenue goals:

Revenue goals

* – note, "lifetime access" refers to the lifetime of the site, not your individual lifetime. That being said, we've been going since 2013 and have no plans of quiting.

Have a question? Email: [email protected]

Who's behind this?

Justin Jackson

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson. You might know me from one of my podcasts (Product People, Build & Launch, MegaMaker)

I've been the Product Manager at two startups: and most recently at

In 2016 (after building up side-project revenue) I switched to building products full-time.

Here's a few of the things I've launched (or helped launch): Network Effects, Remote Workers, Partyline, Product Press, and Levels Theme.

Have questions?

Email me here: [email protected]

Justin Jackson

PS: over 80% of our current members have shipped a product or project since they joined.